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Aids activists Gran Fury bring their rage to the UK in new show

Exhibition at east London's Auto Italia gallery is a British debut for the New York-based art collective

Kissing Doesn’t Kill (1990) is in the show

The New York-based art collective Gran Fury is finally making its debut in the UK, at Auto Italia in London (until 2 December). The Aids-activist trailblazers produce searing works that channel outrage through art, attacking conservative media and the Catholic Church for impeding progress in public-health policy. The collective’s survey comprises works produced between 1987 and 1995, such as their installation The Pope and the Penis (1990). “The exhibition will bring to light the critical, funny and scathing voice of Gran Fury, explored through works including billboard campaigns, public interventions and guerrilla-tactic protests originally staged in New York,” the organisers say. Millennials should head to the east London venue to see how protesting is really done.