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Artists build Trump Cemetery on golf course

Grave New World (2017) Indecline

A cemetery that popped on the grounds of the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey—with gravestones that read “Here Lies The American Dream” and lamented the death of “Decency” and “Our Future”—was a guerrilla art project by the activist artist collective Indecline. (The same group was behind a series of naked Donald Trump statues that appeared in cities across the US in 2016.) Grave New World, unveiled for just one day on the anniversary of the presidential inauguration on 20 January, was inspired by an article published by the Washington Post last year revealing that Trump wished to be buried on the golf course, a controversial request that has now been approved by state authorities. “For years, Trump has been trying to wade through the red tape to build a cemetery there, so [we] thought it would be appropriate to help him break ground—when he’s finally laid to rest out in the beautiful New Jersey countryside, he will be close enough to touch all of his accomplishments”, the anonymous group said in a statement. “[We] hope this installation reminds Trump that history is written in stone, not 280 character execrations”.

Gone but not fore-gotten: the tombstones lament the death of "The American Dream" and "Decency" Indecline