As Jupiter and Saturn kiss, slow down this Winter Solstice with Serpentine Galleries’ stress-busting sound work

Tosh Basco, tarax’sup?, 2020. Cover art. Courtesy the artist

If you’re feeling a little downbeat today on the Winter Equinox (Brexit? What Brexit? Go swivel Covid), then please seek solace in a short meditative sound work available on the Serpentine Galleries website called tarax’sup? The audio piece is written and performed by the Qatari-US artist Sophia Al-Maria, with a musical score by Kelsey Lu and cover work by US photographer Tosh Basco (boychild). The work focuses on the dandelion, centring on the ‘seeding’ of ideas, kinship, and nature, along with “abolitionist thinking through breathwork, deep listening and the principles of guided meditation imagery”, a statement says. There is another facet to this spiritual musing as 21 December is a solstice astronomers are calling The Great Conjunction, whereby Jupiter and Saturn will have their closest observable coalescence since 1623 (in other words, they nudge a little closer in a great big planetary kiss). “tarax’sup? offers light and restoration through sound in a moment when these things can be difficult to find,” says Bettina Korek, chief executive of Serpentine Galleries. So tune in, switch off and take a dandelion-shaped swim in lake you.