Børns to rock

This week’s hot ticket is Wednesday’s performance by the Michigan-born glam-rock star Børns at the Museum of Modern Art’s annual Armory party. The androgynous singer, born Garrett Borns (without the ø), should felt right at home at the New York institution after performing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s glitzy Art+Film gala in 2016. “I’d love to do a full museum tour at some point,” Børns tells us. As well as citing David Bowie and Marc Bolan as influences, Børns has made no secret of his passion for the Baroque artist Carlo Dolci’s luminous 17th-century paintings, which inspired the art for his latest album, Blue Madonna. And why do the doleful sitters in Dolci’s images strike such a chord? Børns has said, rather wistfully, that he is taken by “the glow on their faces and the fear in their eyes”.