In the frame

Dasha Zhukova to be set alight by Urs Fischer

Urs Fischer, Dasha (2018) courtesy the artist

Dasha Zhukova is going to be set alight by Urs Fischer—but please don’t be alarmed. The collector and patron Zhukova, who founded the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, has been turned into a giant candle by the Swiss artist which will go on show at Gagosian London (Davies Street) this week (12 September-3 November). “A wick at the top of her head will be lit, and the candle will slowly melt over the course of the exhibition,” according to a gallery statement. Additional wicks dotted around Dasha’s wax depiction, resplendent in a pink dress, will also be set alight, turning her into a pile of arty gunk during the course of the show.