Dan about town

Donald and Hillary who?

The views from the Sky Lounge of One World Trade Center were dizzying at the Hirshhorn Museum’s gala there on 3 November. Almost as vertigo-inducing was attendee and political artist Ai Weiwei’s seeming ignorance of the names of the two candidates running for the US presidency. “Nobody can really avoid that because it’s quite obvious,” he said when asked if he was following the election. So, did he support one candidate over another? “If I had to support one, of course I support the woman candidate,” he said. “I think she is more mainstream. Rather than the other one, who is a little unpredictable.” Shortly after, Ragnar Kjartansson introduced a mariachi band, his performance for the evening, and invited everyone to eat, drink and forget their sorrows for one evening. If only he’d known…