Dan about town

Fight fire with flair


“I got ‘Fags Hate Trump’,” said Dirk Rowntree, 69, showing off a poster he’d bought at the Greene Naftali closing party on 15 April for Paul Chan’s show there. “I dunno. I like fags, homosexuals. I admire what they do, I admire the positions they're in in our society. It’s a tribute to their opposition and their resistance to Trump, and what they stand for.” As a heterosexual graphic designer, Rowntree also admired how the signs look, in the way they ape the Westboro Baptist Church God Hates Fags signs. Chan, who was on hand to sign the works, agreed. That church might be evil but, “they really have a visual flair”. New variants were available that day, Love Hates Trump, Trump Hates Racists, Pence Love Fags, Tiffany Hates Trump. Chan has since begun distributing the signs to like-minded liberals around the country, starting in Iowa and Louisiana. The idea is getting the message outside the bubble. “We’re New York,” Chan said. “We can be the hub for other people.”