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Gavin Turk: Brexit is like crashing a transit van

Turk’s new works reflect turbulent times

Gavin Turk thinks he has found the perfect metaphor for Brexit. The UK artist, known for showing just a blue heritage plaque in his postgraduate show, is presenting a series of silkscreen images depicting destroyed white transit vans at Paul Stolper gallery in London (A Brexit Portfolio and Other Transit Disasters, until 20 October). The ubiquitous battered vehicles, often driven by working-class men and women, have become a symbol of Britain’s stereotypically battling bulldog spirit. These Warhol-esque works also reflect our turbulent times, touching on the UK’s imminent divorce from the European Union. “In light of our cultural situation, it does feel like [these works] symbolise our crashing out of the EU. It is all very, very worrying,” Turk says.