Get sketching: BBC’s Life Drawing Live! programme returns under lockdown

A life class for adults at the Brooklyn Museum, under the auspice of the New York City WPA Art Project Courtesy of the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

You’ve watched all the box sets under the sun, read every art book that’s taken your fancy and done numerous exhausting downward dogs during your daily yoga session. So what’s next? Life drawing might be the answer which is where the BBC programme Life Drawing Live! comes in. The programme, billed as “the biggest ever live, life drawing class”, returns to BBC Four on 12 May at 8pm BST.

The format has cleverly been adapted for lockdown though. “The programme will again bring a group of artists together, this time drawing the models remotely, while viewers watch in real-time as they create their work. Life models in our socially distanced studio will perform a series of life model poses, based on classical works of art,” says a BBC statement. Presenter and artist Josie d’Arby returns to guide budding draughstmen and women through the two-hour show, alongside experts Lachlan Goudie, Diana Ali and Nicky Philipps. Viewers will be encouraged to pick up a pencil, get drawing and capture the human form in all its ungainly glory.