Grayson Perry invites the nation into his studio for Channel 4 programme (at a later date)

Grayson Perry in his studio courtesy of artist

Grayson Perry has announced that his anticipated upcoming TV programme on Channel 4 UK has been delayed—but only for a little while. The transvestite potter’s new TV project, Grayson’s Art Club, promises to be a tonic for art buffs across the land. “I look forward to inviting the nation into my studio for Grayson’s Art Club,” Perry says in a statement. “I hope we can make something uplifting in response to the crisis. I will be showing you the progress of the works I am making in these strange days, but I am most excited about seeing what artistic creations people all over the country have been up to in lockdown and talking to other artists about how they are dealing with the weirdness.” Alas, budding aesthetes will have to wait just a little longer. The show was originally due to be screened 16 April. “I’ve been ill, not with Covid-19, so the first ep of Grayson’s Art Club has been postponed till 8pm Monday 27th April,” Perry tweeted. The theme for week one is portraits, while animals is the arty subject for week two. Entries can be uploaded here.