Jist Gogh Hame—tracksuit-wearing Vincent van Gogh tells Glaswegians to just go home

Square Gogh by Ross Muir courtesy of the artist

The artist Ross Muir has done his bit during the coronavirus crisis by putting up posters around Glasgow urging people to stay at home. But his public health announcements—showing Vincent van Gogh looking serious and surly in an Adidas-esque track suit—are proving particularly effective. The superstar Dutch artist is depicted urging Glaswegians, in a strong Scottish accent, to “Jist Gogh Hame” (for non Scots, this translates as "just go home"). Commentators on Muir’s Instagram feed are expressing their gratitude, posting messages such as: “Great way of getting the message across.” The artist has since made available a limited edition print of the Van Gogh image, known as Square Gogh, which was first conceived more than two years ago. “Lots of folk had been asking for prints of the recent image used in the campaign around Glasgow,” Muir writes on Instagram. “My main man James [at Deadly Digital printers] worked his magic on these and [is] doing them on the house.” Muir has made 150 copies of the Vincent picture priced at £45 each, with all profits going to local food banks in Glasgow and Dunbartonshire (go to