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Kasich thinks Cleveland’s Kusama show is ‘fantastic’

Ohio governor John Kasich exits a Kusama installation at the Cleveland Museum of Art Menachem Wecker

Ohio’s Republican governor John Kasich, who has hinted that he might challenge President Trump in 2020, is quite impressed with Yayoi Kusama’s current show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. During a tour last Friday with the museum’s director William M. Griswold, Kasich suggested that art like Kusama’s hugely popular Infinity Mirrors installations could help people get beyond their political differences, especially during such polarised times. “Nobody who would go through here would say, ‘Well I’m a Republican, and it looked this way.’ And ‘I’m a Democrat,” the governor said. “People hang out here, they might have lunch together, and actually have a few laughs instead of fighting with one another all the time.” Kasich was visiting the museum with his wife and one of his twin daughters, who are regular attendees, he said. Although he admitted he had not spent much time there himself, the governor said he thought the Kusama show was “fantastic”, adding: “It can pull people in who never even think about art. It can capture their imagination.”