Dan about town

Luck of the draw


The Sculpture Center’s Lucky Draw gala, held this year on 18 April, really put the idea of art-world consensus to the test: for $750, guests could enter a raffle that allowed them to claim a work of art if their ticket was drawn. You'd be stupid not to pick the most high value things, though, so this year those were auctioned off before the raffle proper. "His work has sold for over 800 thousand dollars at auction," said Sara Friedlander of Christie's, introducing a work by Ugo Rondinone, "but that was at Phillips so that doesn't count." (The tiny rock pile sold for $25,000.) The art adviser Lowell Pettit then took the rostrum and laid out the rules. “I will likely fuck up your name, so I apologise,” he began. But you also had to be there to claim your prize, as someone named David Glacken learned on just the second lot. “David, if you’re in the potty, this is your final warning—we’re gonna put you back. Anybody representing David here? Goodnight, David.” The crowd groaned at the missed opportunity. "I get it," Pettit said, "Sara Friedlander's so charming, but we gotta move."