Monolith mania continues as another obelisk pops up—this time in Salisbury, UK

The mystery monolith sited near Salisbury courtesy Jon Scammell

Unattributed metal sculptures springing up across the globe have undoubtedly caught the public imagination. When a shiny obelisk popped up in Utah in November, conspiracy theorists went wild (speculation still surrounds the origins and current whereabouts of the Utah monolith which vanished into thin air later the same month). Then the discovery of a similar structure on a mountainside in Romania made waves. Now another monolith has materialised near Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK, in the picturesque setting of Laverstock Downs. On New Year’s Day, dog walker Jenny Istead came across the latest mirrored pillar. “It was covered in frost but we just rubbed away a little bit and it's got a mirrored surface to it and a pyramid at the top. It looks beautifully made; it is a real work of art,” she told the Salisbury Journal. Social media users such as cameraman Jon Scammell embraced the new addition to the English countryside, posting numerous pictures on Twitter of their life-enhancing encounters with the minimalist piece. At the time of writing, the monolith was still standing but who knows where it’ll end up….