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Taking on the Tories: new culture magazine wants your anti-Conservative art

The Emotional Art Magazine will launch in January Courtesy of Chris Hayes

Most magazines shy away from making strong political statements, but a new publication—the Emotional Art Magazine, due to launch in January—is different. “The first issue is about the only worthwhile British value: hating the Tories,” a statement says. The editor, Chris Hayes, has made an “open call for art and writing about the vibrant cultural, social and artistic history of hating the Tories”. Themes addressed in issue one include the aesthetics of protest and how the misogyny directed at the former prime minister Margaret Thatcher should be understood today. “Both [the Grenfell Tower disaster] and Theresa May’s embrace of Donald Trump have [made] a lot of people realise that the Conservatives are not a normal political party,” Hayes tells us. The next theme is just as potent: Smiling at Morons focuses on a generation of people who are overeducated and underemployed.

Appeared in The Art Newspaper, 306 November 2018