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New Yorkers help Ivanka move


Dozens of protesters wearing “TRUMP MOVING” caps stormed the Park Avenue home of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on 16 January, carrying cardboard boxes and chanting “Tell daddy no,” in a demonstration aimed at the couple as they prepared to move to Washington, DC. “We want to help them pack and not forget certain things,” said the artist Marilyn Minter, who marched with the collector Susan Hort and wore a box labelled “Immigrant’s rights” and “fragile”. Other boxes advocated for reproductive rights, civil rights, safe abortions and rule of law. Ivanka’s own Instagram handle said she was on a #datenight while all this was going on. “I’m not here trying to hate on anybody,” said the indie musician Andrew Wyatt, with a sign that read: “Hey pal! Don’t nuke us”. “I’m just here saying Trump’s said some really stupid shit but people have to stand up and say no, this is not okay.” Stupid shit, indeed. Did Kerry Moore, a therapist who bore a box of flowers representing “creative freedom”, think the incoming president was literally insane? “He does seem to be demonstrating behaviours,” she said diplomatically, “that leave us all questioning them.”