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Poetic Penone plants his trees in Gstaad

Giuseppe Penone's Idee di Pietra series in Gstaad courtesy Gagosian

Skiers and hikers traipsing around the upscale resort of Gstaad in Switzerland may stumble across two humongous bronze tree sculptures by the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone (until 30 March). The works, from the Idee di Pietra series, can be found nestled in the snow next to the Hotel Le Grand Chalet. Idee di pietra-Olmo (2008) and Idee di pietra-Ciliegio (2011) were both shown in Penone’s exhibition at the Château de Versailles outside Paris in 2013. “A tree summarises in an exemplary way the contrast between two forces: the force of gravity and the weight of life we are part of,” says the Turin-based sculptor in an eloquent statement. Gagosian Geneva, which is presenting the alfresco Penone pieces, is due to open a show of works by the artist next month (30 January-23 March).