Post-Banana Art: Maurizio Cattelan offers a light bulb in his likeness

Maurizio Cattelan, Yes!, 2019 Image courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery

Were you a big fan of the Maurizio Cattelan banana but too frugal to shell out $120K for it? Or perhaps it was within your budget, but you simply weren’t quick enough to peel away with one of the work’s three editions? Fret no more! Marian Goodman Gallery announced today the release of Yes! (2019), a far more affordable object, offered in an edition of 500 by the artist. Yes! is a fully functional, porcelain LED light bulb shaped in Cattelan’s likeness (with a little extra oomph devoted to his Italian schnoz). At €500, it’s not cheap, but it’s sure to brighten your day.