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Salvator Mundi-mania comes to Brooklyn

“Museum” features reproductions, artefacts and even Salvator Mundi pasta sauce

Works inspired by the Salvator Mundi

Are you still seething from being outbid on the Salvator Mundi? Was $450m just north of your budget? Worry no longer, as the Salvator Mundi Museum has come to Brooklyn, offering the latest in Mundi-mania. Just as Leonardo envisioned, the Salvator Mundi Museum can be found perched above the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in the borough’s Cobble Hill neighbourhood. Look for the Mundi in the window as you feel the rush of cars beneath your feet and hear the roar of octogenarian Brooklynites telling you, “Hey, I’m walkin’ here.” The museum’s inaugural exhibition boasts three “wings”; the west wing is dedicated to Mundi-related reproductions and artefacts, the north wing brims with art objects that reinterpret the masterwork into unique original pieces, and the south wing is, of course, a gift shop. Head over to to show the world that you “get” art by purchasing such products as “Mundi Undies” and “Salvator Mundi pasta sauce”.