In the frame

Spencer Tunick’s nip slip

If you happened to be on an ambitious early-morning jog near Facebook’s Astor Place offices in New York on Sunday, you would have been rewarded (or taken aback) by quite a sight: a half-hour photo-op demonstration of a 125-strong nude crowd holding shields to their genitals that depicted blown-up photos of (men’s) nipples. Women, the majority of the crowd, also had these nipple photos pasted on their breasts. The protest was orchestrated by Spencer Tunick—one voice in a chorus of artists taking on social media censorship of nudity—to kick off the #wethenipple campaign against Facebook’s censoring of women’s nipples. (There are some exceptions in community guidelines, such as breastfeeding.) “This is a clothed photograph—the participants are just clothed in male nipples,” Tunick said at the event, artnet reports. The Bravo television host Andy Cohen and the artist Andres Serrano were among nipple models for the event props.