In the frame

Spring Break podium turns public into White House PRs

British commentator at A Pressing Conference courtesy Gareth Harris

Most of our readers must have, at some point, wanted to be President Trump’s official spokesperson—just imagine what you could say at the podium during the official press briefings (usually delivered by the effervescent Sarah Huckabee Sanders). But now you can take the stage and be the voice of America at the Spring Break fair in New York during Armory week (4 Times Square; until 12 March) courtesy of the artist Macon Reed and curator Helen Toomer. The pair have lovingly recreated the James S Brady briefing room, down to the starry carpet and eagle insignia. The piece, entitled A Pressing Conference, is participatory, with members of the public invited to step up and give their take on issues such as fake news, fake tans and the power of art. One British arts correspondent even uttered F*** Brexit on stage on the fair’s opening night.