Dan about town

Strung along by Shrigley


“30-40 MINS DURATION” was written on the bass drum for David Shrigley and former Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo’s performance at Spring Place on 1 March, and perhaps this was meant to be a warning. The instruments—guitars, bass, a violin, designed by Shrigley—all had just one string so the resulting jam was aggressively sludgy. The set list, in Shrigley’s signature scrawl, was on display at Anton Kern’s booth at Independent the next day. It turns out they'd more had instructions than songs, e.g. "Harmonic activity," "Krautrock rhythm," "FRENZY") "I am very disappointed in you," moaned the singer, poet Todd Colby, "and the things that you do. I don't like it, I don't." Nearby someone shook a pair of maracas shaped like giant fists. It resembled music more than you’d expect. “It’s a little like the Pixies,” one audience member yelled to his friend. “I’m getting more of a Slayer vibe,” the friend disagreed.