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Trippy travel and friendly felines at the Aga Khan

Performances will be staged inside the yurt at the Aga Khan show Listening to Art, Seeing Music Connie Tsang

Made a resolution to travel more in this year? The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto promises to “take visitors on a journey of discovery” in the synaesthetic exhibition Listening to Art, Seeing Music due to open this weekend (20 January-22 April). Ten multi-sensory installations include an interactive installation by the UK geometer Sama Mara and the composer Lee Westwood, in which visitors can make visual art compositions out of musical rhythms. Find refuge from the wintry weather in a handmade felt and wood Mongolian yurt that serves as “a warm communal gathering space for experiencing pop-up performances, hearing stories of music-making, and sharing a cup of tea”. The free opening weekend’s events (20-21 January) include a screening of the Turkish filmmaker and cat-lover Ceyda Torun’s 2016 documentary Kedi, a look at Istanbul’s large population of free-roaming felines.