UK comedians including Jack Whitehall and Jayde Adams make art for charity

I Want to Be a Millionaire (2014), Rob Auton Fiumano Clase

Who says comedians are all laughs and no heart? A range of well-known UK funny men and women will show works at Fiumano Clase gallery in London next month (Art is the Best Medicine, 13-20 December), raising money for the Mental Health UK charity. Harry Hill, Jessica Hynes and Annie McGrath are among the stand-up stars who have contributed to the show. We especially like Jayde Adams’s photograph of a young doctor, Kwame Asante, (Doctor, 2012) along with Rob Auton’s depiction of quiz master Chris Tarrant (I Want to be a Millionaire, 2014). Jack Whitehall’s work shows a London tube train in the shadow of a humongous wave recalling Hokusai. “I have been quite overwhelmed by the talent involved as well as how openly the artists have spoken to me about mental health issues they have overcome,” says the comedian and artist McGrath who is organising the exhibition. Prices range from £50 to £600 (a third of the proceeds will go to charity so go along and support these arty jesters).

UPDATE (25 November): Annie McGrath tells us: "The price range is £50-£600, but Rob Auton’s portrait of Chris Tarrant is now on offer for… £1m."