You ain’t nothing but a pound dog—€100,000 needed to pep up Jeff Koons’ pooped puppy

Puppy, Jeff Koons (1997) courtesy Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

In these trying times, you may want to donate to all sorts of worthy causes, from health charities to cultural recovery funds. Or you could give money instead to a crowdfunding scheme launched by Guggenheim Museum Bilbao—tagged #BringPuppyToLife—which is looking for a whopping €100,000 to restore Jeff Koons’s famous floral sculpture Puppy. The 12.4-metre-tall sculpture of a West Highland Terrier was installed in 1997 outside the Spanish museum. Unsurprisingly the blooming bow-wow has become a selfie hot spot, but all puppies lose their vim and vigour over time. The money raised will be used to restore the internal structure of the piece including strengthening the sculpture’s steel skeleton. “The museum has chosen to enlist the collaboration of society to ensure that this beloved and representative work will remain in great condition for the next 25 years,” says a statement urging kind souls to donate on a micro-site, which delivers the best fundraising line ever seen: “It has become an icon of the museum and Bilbao itself, and as such, it must always look gorgeous.”