Dan about town

You talkin’ to me?

Robert De Niro tripped over a couple of names in his prepared comments awarding the artist R.H. Quaytman the Robert De Niro Sr Prize (named after the actor’s painter dad) at the Greenwich Hotel on 14 December. But the artist herself helpfully teed up his next line, after she accepted it. “New York painters, New York artists,” she said. “This life is pretty intense. I dunno. I’m honoured to get this prize from you.” De Niro then hugged her shoulder and proclaimed: “New York is the best and greatest city in the world!” Everyone in the room cheered. “And we want to be represented by the best and greatest people in the city!” Everyone cheered. “Unfortunately that’s not happening now.” Everyone laughed awkwardly at the Trump reference. “But. Maybe we’ll do something about it,” De Niro sort of trailed off. And everyone went home.