Art Basel in Miami Beach

Zardulu the Mythmaker reads the tarot for Miami's fair-goers

Today’s horoscope for: Dealers

The Lovers

In preparation for Art Basel in Miami Beach, I have consulted the tarot and called upon the ineffable energies of the universe to show me the past, present and future for four types of visitor: artists, collectors, dealers and critics. Today’s predictions focus on the dealers.

Their journey begins with the Lovers, a card that depicts an angel hovering over a man and a woman. This tells me that past opportunities have had a positive impact on their lives.

We continue to the present with Death, a depiction of a skeleton on horseback riding past the scene of a dying king. This tells me that something from their past that was once important lingers on in their lives—but it is time that it was left behind. Perhaps it is inhibiting the full impact of the opportunities described in The Lovers.

Finally, we come to the future with the Queen of Cups, a crowned woman who is admiring a beautiful object. This tells me that the choices dealers make will have an increasingly positive influence on the world, continuing to bring awareness to beautiful works.