Art Basel in Miami Beach

Zardulu the Mythmaker reads the tarot for Miami's fair-goers

Today's horoscope is for artists

The artists' journey begins with the Tower

In preparation for Art Basel in Miami Beach, I have consulted the tarot and called upon the ineffable energies of the universe to show me the past, present and future for four types of visitor: artists, collectors, dealers and critics. Today’s predictions focus on the artists.

Their journey begins with the Tower, a card that depicts a building destroyed by a bolt of lightning with people falling from its windows. This tells me that the artists’ pasts have been defined by loss. Although difficult to understand, loss often necessitates a change. The lightning in the Tower card represents an awakening that was brought on by forces outside anyone’s control.

We continue to the present with the Seven of Swords, a depiction of a thief stealing from a group of people who are distracted. This tells me that the artists must be wary. While the aforementioned changes are taking place in the art world, there are those who seek to take advantage of the artists under their new circumstances.

Finally, we come to the future with the Six of Cups, a depiction of a pleasant time, with one child presenting another with a bouquet of flowers. This tells me that the artists will soon return to the comforts they enjoyed in the early years of their careers, reimagining them with a more mature perspective.

Appeared in Fair Dailies, Art Basel in Miami Beach 2017