Islamic State


How the Pope's historic visit to Iraq highlighted Islamic State's destruction of Christian heritage—and the artists working on rebuilding it

The terrorist group destroyed 350 churches and persecuted Iraqi Christians in 2014

Museums & Heritage

Mosul Cultural Museum rises from the ravages of Isis

Painstaking reconstruction by multi-agency task force is salvaging what artefacts remain after Islamic State occupation


Mosul’s artists, resurgent, speak out on new Google platform

Through videos, audio clips, 3D models of destroyed sites and images of their works, Iraqis describe what they endured and their hopes for the future

Conservation & Preservation

Geneva-based foundation Aliph directs $10m to heritage conservation projects in conflict zones

Sites targeted range from a Yemeni palace in ruins to a shrine destroyed by the Islamic State in Iraq


Michael Rakowitz remakes works destroyed by Isis for first UK retrospective

Recreations of lost Assyrian reliefs will be on show in Whitechapel Gallery exhibition

War & Conflict

MP Robert Jenrick leads campaign to stop Islamic State funding terror through trafficking

UK and US collaborate to cut off one of group’s top revenue streams

Fakes & copies

Looting in the Middle East encourages fakes and forgeries

Modern art targeted as the originals go missing

Islamic State

Director of V&A proposes network of museums to stop terrorists looting objects in Syria and trafficking them for sale in the West

V&A fights back against Islamic State

Cultural heritage

Iconoclasm reborn with Islamic State fanaticism: The destruction of cultural heritage as propaganda

The extent of the destruction is uncertain in the fog of war