Edward Burne-Jones


Castle Howard: stage set for Bridgerton and Brideshead, and now for a full-dress Tony Cragg show

The Liverpool-born sculptor's 50-year engagement with organic, layered, forms works in natural harmony with the Yorkshire treasure house and its Arcadian grounds

Three exhibitions to see in London this weekend

From the idealistic beauty of Edward Burne-Jones to the dystopian nightmares of Cold War Steve

Andrew Lloyd Webber to lend works to Tate Britain’s Edward Burne-Jones show

The musical impresario, who has long collected Victorian artists, is understood to be anonymously lending half a dozen works by the Pre-Raphaelite

Lord Leighton's masterpiece Flaming June to go on display at Tate Britain

The painting will be loaned by Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico as it refurbishes its gallery, along with Burne-Jones' Sleep of King Arthur in Avalon


Watts Gallery to sell pre-Raphaelite paintings

Money is needed to ensure the long-term survival of the institution set up by Victorian artist G.F. Watts


Arts on television: Barbara Hepworth & Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Your head is like the loveliest pebble I’ve ever seen” said the sculptor Barbara Hepworth to her second husband, artist Ben Nicholson

Art marketarchive

Belgian tapestries dealer Bernard Blondeel is selling his inventory at Christie’s on 2nd April

Despite the market for tapestry fluctuating throughout the 20th century, interest is high at present