Fascist Italy


Mussolini family feuds over reopened crypt of fascist Italian dictator

The controversial site has become a pilgrimage for far-right supporters

May 1999archive

Richard Meier to obliterate Mussolini’s mark

The US architect's new building for ancient Roman monument to replace one commissioned by the Fascist dictator in the 1930s


In 1993 Rome’s town council began preparing for the Millennium. The debate has been over how much to alter Mussolini’s propagandistic exploitation of imperial remains

The priject to execavate the imperial fora of Augustus, Vespasian, Nerva and Trajan has been described as “every archaeologist’s dream”

Accused of being a fascist artist after World War II, famous yet neglected, Mantegna now gets his major show

Nicholas Penny talks to the exhibition organiser David Landau about his all-embracing view of one of the greatest Renaissance artists