Kimbell Art Museum

Enticing still life by 17th-century painter Louise Moillon acquired by the Kimbell Art Museum

The museum has put the newly acquired still life, which set an auction record for Moillon’s work in March, on display

Top five acquisitions of the month

Our pick of the latest gifts and purchases to enter museum collections worldwide, from Van Dyck’s portrait of a princess bride to a rare painting by a Brazilian Modernist


The world’s largest museum of surviving Tibetan painting goes online

Shelley and Donald Rubin’s website invites contributions from museums, collectors, and scholars

The Kimbell explores Picasso and Matisse's (not so) gentle friendship

As the Tate and MoMA prepare their mammoth exhibition of works by the two artists in 2002 the Kimbell steps into the ring first with a similar, but smaller, show of its own


Kimbell buys MoMA Monet

The work was chosen by Monet himself for his final retrospective in 1924

Collection withdrawn from Swiss museums in protest against Unidroit

Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth gets twenty-six works from the blue-chip Staechelin collection on a three-year loan