migrant crisis


Banksy’s migrant rescue ship detained by Italian authorities

Activists say boat was seized after taking 180 rescued people to Lampedusa and has been impounded for 20 days for violating new Italian laws

Artists and gallery gather donations for asylum-seekers bussed to New York by Texas governor

In the face of a humanitarian crisis caused by governor Abbott busing migrants to sanctuary cities, artists Guadalupe Maravilla and Mariana Parisca and PPOW gallery are gathering supplies and donations

Christoph Büchel’s controversial migrant boat finally returns to Sicily after 2019 Venice Biennale display

The vessel was on loan from the town of Augusta, which intends to turn it into a memorial for the hundreds of migrants who died on board in 2015

Hundreds of migrants removed from Banksy-funded rescue boat amid calls for immediate assistance

The British artist accused European authorities of "deliberately" ignoring distress calls issued by the overwhelmed Louise Michel, a vessel he financed to aid migrants crossing the Mediterranean


Banksy funds refugee rescue ship in the Mediterranean

The boat, which has rescued 89 people so far, boasts work by the British street artist on its side