Robert Capa show at Mussolini’s villa sparks controversy

Questions asked about how former home of fascist ruler came to host exhibition of Jewish photojournalist

Italy to open first museum of fascism

Curators of the controversial Salò institution say museum will “neither demonise nor defend” fascist leader Benito Mussolini

Confiscated photographs showing preparations for Hitler's 1938 visit to Italy are made public

Pictures capturing Rome and Florence prior to the Nazi leader's arrival were recovered by Italy's art recovery hit squad and are now held in the historic Luce film archive


Mussolini family feuds over reopened crypt of fascist Italian dictator

The controversial site has become a pilgrimage for far-right supporters

July 2006archive

France promised Mona Lisa to Mussolini to avert war: The untold story of Leonardo's 1939 Milan retrospective

King George VI loaned 19 of his best Leonardo drawings to Milan for the most important exhibition on the artist ever held

Will Mussolini’s looted monument finally go home?

After 54 years of procrastination, the Italian government could be close to returning the Axum obelisk to Ethiopia

May 1999archive

Richard Meier to obliterate Mussolini’s mark

The US architect's new building for ancient Roman monument to replace one commissioned by the Fascist dictator in the 1930s

Will the Axum obelisk return home to Ethiopia?

The return may be even more complicated than during the Fascist era


In 1993 Rome’s town council began preparing for the Millennium. The debate has been over how much to alter Mussolini’s propagandistic exploitation of imperial remains

The priject to execavate the imperial fora of Augustus, Vespasian, Nerva and Trajan has been described as “every archaeologist’s dream”