Terracotta warriors

Man fingered in Philadelphia theft of thumb from terracotta warrior will plead guilty

A man whose drunken antics at a 2017 ugly sweater party at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia got him in hot water with the FBI, is expected to take a plea bargain in order to avoid jail time

Liverpool World Museum used facial recognition technology on visitors to Terracotta Warriors show

Privacy group condemns move but the museum says people were made aware of the surveillance measures


Terracotta warriors survive Chile earthquake

A group of the soldiers were on loan to the La Moneda Palace in Santiago


Terracotta warriors on display in Hamburg deemed fake by Chinese authorities

Problems with their export and provenance seem to indicate the warriors are not quite what they seem


British Museum exhibition fees to fund expansion of terracotta warriors’ site

Visitor numbers are expected to rise to 3 million this year


Terracotta warriors to go on US tour

The British Museum show will travel to another four venues