Wildenstein & Co.

Paris court finds billionaire dealer Guy Wildenstein guilty of tax fraud

He has received a four year prison sentence and been fined €1m for concealing from authorities a massive art collection to avoid paying inheritance tax

French High Court orders retrial of Wildenstein art dynasty tax fraud case

Guy Wildenstein and his nephew were accused of hiding assets worth hundreds of millions but were acquitted in 2017 and 2018—now they are wanted back in court for a third trial


Wildenstein & Co sued for the 1985 sale of an alleged fake Bonnard painting

The collectors are seeking more than $300,000 in damages after the painting failed to be authenticated before heading to auction last year

Wildenstein reveal key documents on alleged war loot

While the Kann descendants have solid evidence for their claim, the Wildenstein family are confident enough in their story to share their own documents with The Art Newspaper