In the frame

As seen on 500 Questions

The Art Newspaper had its game show debut this Monday, thanks to the American television quiz series 500 Questions on ABC. The reigning champion Steve Bahnaman, who had already defeated two other competitors in his ascent to glory, passed his third question in the “Art” category on to his opponent, Megan Barnes, who had to answer: “According to The Art Newspaper, name five of the ten most-visited art museums outside of the United States." A stumper perhaps even for the most dedicated TAN reader. Barnes rambled off a few potential institutions, including the dubious “Eye-talian Museum of Art”, but was unable to complete the task in the allotted 15 seconds. Bahnaman seemed relieved with his decision. “That was hard,” Steve said, “I’m glad I didn’t have that.” Future 500 Questions players looking to brush up on all the need-to-know art trivia know where to look.