Atlanta’s High Museum streamlines admission to $14.50 for everyone

But the price change means children under 17 who are not students will pay slightly more than before

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta announced on Wednesday that it will drop its admission price to $14.50 for all visitors over the age of 6. The change goes into effect on 1 October and offers access to the entire museum and temporary exhibitions.

The move seeks to streamline the current ticketing scheme at the High Museum, which charges $19.50 for adult visitors, $16.50 for seniors and students, and $12 for children aged 6-17. Curiously, the new pricing means children who are not students will pay $2.50 more, although the museum says in a press release that “most families will see a drop in the cost of a trip to the High”.

“As an organisation committed to inclusivity, connectivity and continued growth, our new, reduced admission price supports all of these core goals,” the museum’s director Rand Suffolk says in a press release. “We hope it will play a role in encouraging the broadest possible public participation, allow us to reduce a potential barrier to access, and through this increased engagement, encourage more people to become part of the High family as members”.

The lower admission cost puts the museum at the lower end of the scale of major US institutions, with entry to museums like the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago all hovering around $25.