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Community feel: South London Gallery's housing estate art


The South London Gallery’s outreach programme knows no bounds with the launch of Open Plan, a three-year art scheme covering nearby Elmington, Pelican and Sceaux Gardens housing estates. Open Plan launches tomorrow (2 August) with the Art Block, a new free space on Sceaux Gardens estate which houses patterns and pieces made by local children in a special setting designed by the artist Morag Myerscough. “In tandem with the commissions in Art Block, two artist commissions each year will result in the creation of new public works on Pelican estate,” a press statement says. For the first commission, Jessie Brannan will produce a piece in partnership with local residents whose “words will be transformed into sculptural word installations across the estate”. A full-time gallery traineeship for school leavers is also part of Open Plan; the Freelands Foundation, established by Elisabeth Murdoch, is backing the scheme.