In the frame

Fabric Workshop and Museum shows artists’ creative process through detritus

Work in progress: items from Carrie Mae Weems’ box of materials Carlos Avendaño

The Fabric Museum and Workshop in Philadelphia has been celebrating its 40th anniversary by sifting through 371 boxes of materials amassed in its production workshop by artists including Laurie Anderson, Carrie Mae Weems and Rob Pruitt go. Items from around 60 of the boxes, along with works that artists made at the institution, go on display tomorrow (15 December) in the exhibition Process and Practice: 40 Years of Experimentation (until 25 March 2018). Weems’s materials include an ad for a limousine service, while prankster Pruitt had a toy gun. And what about Vito Acconci, known for Seedbed (1972), in which he spent hours masturbating beneath a ramp at Sonnabend gallery in New York? “The curator found a stash of pornography in Acconci’s box,” a spokeswoman says. “That’s not in the show.”

Appeared in The Art Newspaper, 296 December 2017