Guerilla Girls

Guerrilla Girls focus on Black Lives Matter in new video

Art Night’s Trailers series also includes works by Mark Leckey and Oona Doherty

Guerrilla Girls respond to the Black Lives Matter movement in a new video to be released on Saturday 20 June as part of Art Night’s online series, Trailers

The anonymous US-based activist group the Guerrilla Girls will post a short video online this weekend addressing issues around Black Lives Matter, saying they will “use the platform to share and highlight resources and information”. The piece forms part of a new digital series launched by Art Night, the free contemporary art festival that focuses on a different area in London each year.

This year’s edition, centred on Somerset House and the venue 180 The Strand, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis; instead, Art Night has shifted online with a new series called Trailers Trailers to go live 20 June between 7pm and 12am BST.

Ten artists who were due to show works at this year’s edition—including Oona Doherty, Sonya Dyer, Adham Faramawy, and Mark Leckey—will unveil works, encompassing video, sound, text, performance and downloadable materials. Some pieces are a taster for projects lined up for Art Night 2021; other pieces reflect on life during lockdown.

The Guerrilla Girls have posted a statement on Instagram saying that “darker hued people are subjected to genocidal practices executed by institutions rooted in colonialism”. The group’s Trailers film also includes an introduction to The Male Graze, their project in development for Art Night 2021 planned for the courtyard of Somerset House.

“It's very much an experimentation for us, and we'll build on this to do more digital events where it feels right for the artists we work with,” says Philippine Nguyen, the co-founder of Art Night.

“It’s been very stressful; we had 90% of funding in place for this year’s edition. There will obviously be major financial challenges next year. We are really looking forward to showing work IRL, and will announce our official date for Art Night 2021 in the autumn,” Nguyen adds.

Trailers is supported by the Arts Council England Emergency Fund for Organisations. Art Night has also been supported by Phillips auction house since its first edition in 2016.