New replica of Lascaux caves to open this year


n Lascaux 4, a new 1:1 scale replica of the Prehistoric Lascaux caves, is due to open in France’s Dordogne region on 15 December. The Paleolithic wall paintings at the original site were being threatened by pollution from traffic to Lascaux 2, a facsimile of the caves 200m away. Lascaux 2, the most popular site in the region, has attracted more than ten million visitors since it opened in 1983. Lascaux 4, which is more extensive, is 1.5km from the caves. Work on the €57m project, designed by the Norwegian firm Snøhetta, began in 2012. Traffic to Lascaux 2 will cease, but the site will remain open to small groups. Lascaux 3, a touring exhibition, was launched in 2012.