Out with the old, in with the new: Marianne Boesky closes one space to open another

The dealer will more than double her gallery footprint with an expansion

Marianne Boesky will expand her Chelsea gallery on 24th Street to incorporate 303 Gallery's former home just next door, more than doubling her footprint to approximately 13,000 square feet. A release refers to the expansion, technically eastward from the original Boesky space on 24th street, as the new "Boesky East," although the gallery's space on the Lower East Side, which had the same name, is due to close.

The expansion opens on 23 June with a show of works by Jay Heikes, Thornton Dial, and Lee Mullican, curated by artist and writer Chris Wiley.

In addition, Boesky has an additional gallery in an Upper East Side townhouse on 64th street.

“Experimentation with space and architecture in diverse [New York City] locations, from Chelsea to the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side, has been an essential part of our vision, evolving and growing to meet and complement the changing interests and needs of our artists," Boesky says in a release. "This was key in the development of our Upper East Side and Lower East Side locations, and now with this expansion in Chelsea."