Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale bigwigs tight-lipped on German protest—for now

A guerrilla flag hanging on the German pavilion at the Venice Biennale—emblazoned with the word “Germoney” in support of debt-ridden Greece—is still in place (21 July), says an exhibition spokesman—and for now, Biennale officials, such as the president Paolo Baratta, are staying silent on the matter. The artists representing Germany hung the flag last week in protest at the austerity measures demanded by Chancellor Angela Merkel. Hito Steyerl, a participating artist, was in fighting form on her Facebook page, saying: “We show our solidarity with the people in Greece and all other places suffering from austerity.” Last week, the Greek parliament accepted the austerity conditions in exchange for EU funding worth up to €86bn ($94 billion) over three years; Greece has, in return, accepted stringent reforms such as increases in VAT and corporation tax.