Whitney renews its commitment to young artists

Museum is launching a new programme dedicated to emerging art

The Whitney Museum of American Art is launching a new programme dedicated to emerging art. “The Whitney has a long tradition of supporting emerging artists, which goes back to the Lobby Gallery exhibitions in the Breuer building in the late 1960s,” says Christopher Y. Lew, an associate curator at the museum. “With the opening of the museum’s home in the Meatpacking District, the Whitney is renewing that commitment to new artists.” Lew, who will lead the new programme, is preparing exhibitions dedicated to three artists born in the 1980s: Jared Madere (16 October-3 January 2016), Rachel Rose (30 October-7 February 2016) and Sophia Al-Maria (in 2016). These will be the first solo shows for the artists in the US. “We want to provide a platform for emerging artists at this crucial point in their careers and present to a broad audience the most exciting new art being made today,” Lew says.