Riah Pryor

Art crime

Money laundering, trafficking, ivory: crackdown on art crime intensifies

Wave of sentencing and changes in legislation puts pressure on art world

Art market

Christie’s plods to a sturdy end to Frieze week

Post war, contemporary and Italian art sale notched up £89m, topped by a £7.4m Jean-Michel Basquiat


New artists to the block bring excitement to Phillips Contemporary evening sale in London

New record set for Alex Katz, but less-familiar names also exceed expectations

Art market

'Outrageous coup': art world shocked as Boris Johnson suspends parliament

Trade condemns the move and prepares for mayhem of no-deal Brexit

Venice Biennale

A cacophony and a symphony: the musical Biennale

Venice will ring out to the sound of music this year, as the Biennale features works ranging from orchestras and prisoners’ work songs to hip-hop and wind chimes