Bonn borrows MoMA pictures for a survey of the 20th century

The Museum of Modern Art has loaned 70 paintings for the first in a series of major exhibitions


The first of an enterprising new series of loan exhibitions can be seen until 10 January 1993 at the Art and Exhibition Hall, Bonn (Kunstund Ausstellungshalle), under the curatorship of Pontus Hulten, the Halle’s artistic director, who conceived of the scheme with Wenzel Jacob its managing director. For the first in the series, seventy paintings from the Museum of Modern Art in New York have been loaned to form a survey of the key movements and artists of the twentieth century. The Kunstund Ausstellungshalle is funding the project; there are no loan fees to pay but it is covering the costs of transportation and catalogue production. Similar loan agreements are currently being worked out with other major collections both inside and outside Germany. Works on loan include Cézanne “Le Chateau Noir” of 1904 to 1906; van Gogh’s “Portrait of Joseph Roulin” of 1889; Boccioni’s “Unique forms of continuity in space (1913); de Chirico’s “The Nostalgia of the Inifinite” (1913-14) and Picasso’s “Girl before a Mirror” (1932).


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