Laura Suffield

Art marketarchive

French decorative arts apparently recession-proof

The international market absorbs the Polo, Patiño and Johnson collections in one year. Tous les Louis do well but Louis XVI best of all

Watts Gallery needs urgent help to save the charming but dilapidated institution

Hidden in the English countryside, a Victorian time-warp is slowly falling apart

Rembrandt under X-ray at the British Museum

Medical technology is being utilised to obtain clear images of watermarks

Despite a slow start, enthusiasm for the Antique is evident at the TEFAF Basel

The TEFAF Basel saw only 12,500 visitors, but some good sales nonetheless. Could the organisers have promoted it more?


V&A strangles its watercolours with artspeak

Illustrations partially compensate for jargon

Spain's greatest tapestries cleaned by aerosol

The oldest working tapestry weavers in Flanders apply high-tech to some of the finest royal hangings

Ha-Ha: the National Trust goes contemporary with outdoor art

England's stately homes embrace Davey and Goldsworthy

Matisse exhibition moves from MoMA to Pompidou Centre

Initial plans to tour the exhibition to Russia have now been shelved


Dealers, collectors and Christie’s to fund Chatsworth book

New book will cover the 1,000 Italian drawings in the Chatsworth collection

Vanbrugh at the V&A

Newly bought architectural albums on show


Tate planning a national gallery for the twentieth-century before the twentieth century’s done

Tate makes early bid for National Lottery largesse to expand southward

Bonn borrows MoMA pictures for a survey of the 20th century

The Museum of Modern Art has loaned 70 paintings for the first in a series of major exhibitions

New gallery showcasing 20th-century design opens at the V&A

Spanning the history of consumer design from 1900 to 1992, it aims to explore design ideas, techniques and materials as well as individual pieces and mass-produced objects.

Cave paintings: Radiocarbon dating, a penguin, plus fakes

Carbon dating for the Altamira caves, a penguin troubles sceptics at the submerged Grotte Henri Cosquer, and the sponge is a give-away at Alave

Private high-tech raids on shipwrecks abound with the watery provenance providing strong sales at auction

National Maritime Museum laments “smash and grab” approach of private salvage operations but who else has the funds?

A loyal tribute to Queen Elizabeth at the V&A but let’s hope it makes them money

Celebrating Elizabeth’s forty-year reign with robes, regalia, royal presents and memorabilia

Only complete Frank Lloyd Wright interior in Europe installed at the V&A

After twenty years in boxes a friend of the patron’s family funds its display

Fake Giacometti furniture trial ends with jail sentences and fines for Jacques Redoutey and suppliers

Experts complain that large number of fakes in the market makes it difficult to identify authentic works

Your Diego Giacometti may well be a fake: Massive fraud network between Besançon, Geneva, Paris, London and New York

It is estimated that between 65-80% of Giacometti furniture and sculpture offered at auction since 1986 is fake