Digital visual library expands

Interactive Home Systems partners with National Gallery and Seattle Art Museum


New York

Interactive Home Systems (IHS) was set up in 1989 in Redmond, Washington, with the aim of selling high quality visual information to homes, schools, public institutions and businesses, drawing on a constantly expanding visual information library which includes not only art but also history, science, travel, current affairs and popular culture.

As part of their art library they have entered into agreement with the National Gallery, London and the Seattle Art Museum by which the museums have granted the company non-exclusive rights to the digital reproduction and distribution of major works from both collections. The company have now announced a similar deal with the Hulton Deutsch Collection, London, the largest commercial photo-archive in Europe and the Dorling Kindersely Collection, London which has a collection of more than 500,000 images. It has also purchased the Francis G. Mayer Collection of colour slides, New York, and part of the photography collection of the British photographer Roger Wood.