Unesco warns of fraud as unsanctioned authentication documents circulate

The warning states that certificates of authentication allowing imports of African cultural heritage are being forged


Unesco and Icom (the International Council of Museums) have issued a warning about forged certificates of authentication that authorise the import and export of African cultural heritage objects on behalf of the organisations. Both say that they have not sanctioned such documents, which are available online; the fraudulent websites say that any fees paid will be shared between Unesco, Icom and the museums and governments of the countries concerned. A representative of Icom told our sister paper Le Journal des Arts: “We have chosen not to name these websites as we do not want to give them any exposure.” A spokesman for Unesco says that collectors should always refer any enquiries to the authorities in the countries of origin, as well as checking national legislation.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper as 'Unesco warns of fraud'